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Porn on Social Media

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More About Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness and Stress Busting

Have you ever heard of mind body spirit health? It is an idea of help individuals to keep healthy. These are three elements of the body and all are important. Each works together to create the essential performance of the body that led to good health.

The first part of this health is the emotional body or the mind. This controls our thoughts and feelings. It is important to maintain good relationships for a healthy mind and emotional life. If you continue to feel hurt and be hurt in a relationship it harms your mind health. Our thoughts are a big part of our mind. We hold on to many emotions. An idea to keep our emotions and mind positive is to tell ourselves you can handle a situation or listing all our accomplishments every day. Concentrate on the positive to get through the negative helps. Having emotional concerns that effect the mind can also affect the body as well as the spirit.

Then there is the body or physical element of mind body spirit. It is important to exercise daily. It doesn't have to be hours of activity every day. One day you might go for a walk and another day you might want to go for a swim. Getting active daily helps start a routine and keeps you healthy. There are many options to keep the physical body healthy through exercises as well. A half hour at least is very helpful daily. You will notice confidence, strength and energy as an exercise benefit. Another element to keep the body healthy is eating proper nutrition. Looking good will also help emotional or mind healthy helping us feel good about our self image. It helps to lower stress in the body.

Developing a Healthy Mind

Having a healthy living does not mean that you only need to focus on your physical aspects. It is also important to keep your mind healthy. It is difficult to achieve total health without possessing a strong and healthy mind. The mind should be well prepared for harsh situations that could arise in life. You might submit to depression and anxiety if your mental state is weak. Our brain and body should be coordinated to work efficiently. One good way to keep our mind in shape is to develop a training regime to make it stronger. Same as the muscles, the brain also needs conditioning in order to function well. Exercising your mind could keep it sharp and swift. Always keep your mind away from stress. Here are some ways to keep your mental state strong and healthy.

Enjoy the state of Relaxation - Give yourself a break to keep you away from stress. Take a vacation or do fun activities to move away from your normal comfort zone. Pamper yourself to keep your mind refresh and active. Yoga could be an alternative to keep you relax. Another good activity is getting a massage that could rejuvenate both your mind and body. Doing fun activities could help refresh your body.
Have a Healthy Diet - Eat healthy and natural foods. Eating an adequate amount of fruits could help supply the brain with glucose for energy. It is also best to take foods that contain a high source of omega 3 such as fish, walnuts, flax seeds and other leafy vegetables. Intake of natural anti oxidant could help clean the body from harmful chemicals. Drinking enough water could also help keep the brain functioning well.
Keep away from vices - Slow down on your alcohol intake. Keep away from smoking because it does not do any good to your body. Do not engage in drugs for it could only freeze your brain cells.

Mind Body Spirit Health

Here are some ways we can create our mind body spirit health and keep all three healthy. Making sure our three bodies are working at their top performance is essential for good health.

Our first part of mind body spirit health is our mind, subconscious or emotional body, this body works invisibly to help us achieve our goals in life. We have control over it to some degree and are able to reprogram it to help us achieve what we desire most.

We need to keep our subconscious body healthy by keeping good relationships and fixing broken ones. If we keep hold of old broken relationships and don't try to fix them, either by healing the relationship or by forgiving and then forgetting the relationship then our emotional body still feels hurt, and the hurt can cause other problems.

Another thing about our subconscious body is that it keeps thousands upon thousands of situations and thoughts inside itself. If any of these thoughts or situations are not fulfilled or completed then we are renting rent-free space in our brain for those hurtful or unfulfilled things. If we can complete those things or forgive and forget, we can open our emotional body to better and greater things to come.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Tips

There are a wide variety of ways to improve your general health and fitness, no matter what age you are. The problem that most of us have with making the change to a healthier lifestyle is life. Yes life gets in the way! Convenience food and tasty snacks are more often than not the single most common reason for failure. But it doesn't have to be that way! As long as you make the decision to improve your diet and general fitness RIGHT NOW and accept that there will be blips along the way (this doesn't mean total failure and that you should stop moving towards your goals), you are in the perfect position to get started TODAY.

This transformation that you are starting today starts in one place; your mind. Your mind is the key and if you can stay motivated at the beginning, you will find that your new healthy mind will soon have a healthy body to match. Here are some tips for achieving a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Just because the new you is determined to achieve a healthy body, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the foods that you enjoy. There is only one catch; MODERATION. Treating yourself to a naughty meal or snack once or twice a month can be the best way to keep your mind motivated whilst not doing any real harm to your sustained diet.

Healthy Mind

Having a healthy mind and healthy body is a goal we all should strive for. Once you realize there are many contributing factors, it's not that hard. Your weight is a reflection of your eating habits. Your social habits correlate to relationships with others. You're sleeping pattern dictates how well your overall body and mind function. Your outlook and drive at work links to your success. The way you do things, and the stuff you do on a daily basis are all associated to your habits - like the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning; do you brush your teeth first, or do you take a shower and then brush your teeth, or do you brush your teeth in the shower? These are all specific habits you've developed.

If you ask most people what's the meaning of a habit, many will think bad habits, and say that there a negative processes that people do over and over, for example over eating, smoking, gambling, and procrastination.

We all can identify bad habits that create damaging benefits that bear directly upon our lives negatively. But what about adding good habits to our lives? What could be a good habit, you ask? A good habit is just a habit that creates positive benefits. Good habits are a big part of having a healthy mind and body and should be made part of our everyday life.

More Pleasure Or More Suffering - The Choice is Yours

At a gut level everyone knows how many nuggets of ill feeling emotions are carried about. For some there is a truckload of people places and things for which they project a 'negative' emotion. We know that energy is what we are feeling, be it wild and furious anger or a passionate, pleasurable state of joy. When people stop to look they understand that feelings and emotions are distinct from the labels or conceptual words and descriptions we assign to them. You can easily alter the conceptual story of your life when you see it is in your interest to do so.

In 1976 I had the opportunity to participate in the est training, that brilliant package Werner Erhard provided to look at the mechanism behind the stage of the life we were living. What I experienced was quite exiting but I want to mention something I saw occur on more than one occasion. I saw a man in his seventies who I thought was curved forward and about five feet tall. His demeanor was one of hardened apathy. He did not smile. During his observation in the training he recognized that he had tightly locked away in his body, anger, resentment and hate for people, not specific people, just people in general who he thought was the reason for the loss of his first love 50 years earlier.

Tips How to Use Your Mind-Body Connection to Get Pregnant

If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than a year with no luck, it is likely that you are seeking infertility remedies which will help you conceive. Often couples who are having infertility issues not only deal with the physical aspect of their fertility, but also the emotional aspect as well. Feelings of despair, defeat, anger, low self-esteem, jealousy and resentment to other mothers and their babies are normal emotions to have.

A visit to your doctor is always advised to rule out any conditions such as endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count and motility, irregular periods or any other physical conditions which may be influencing your reproductive organs. If a physical condition is confirmed, then a decision must be made as to how to deal with it. Many conventional modern day medicines and procedures are available such as prescribed fertility drugs and IVF but many women and men are seeking out all natural fertility solutions which have worked miracles for many couples.

One reason all natural infertility remedies work so well is they encompass the entire person and focus on the mind-body connection. When feeling negative emotions about difficulties getting pregnant, your negative thoughts are having a physical effect on your body. Thoughts affect your reproductive system in a negative way when you constantly beat up on yourself. When you experience despair, anger and self-pity regarding your infertility, a chemical boost of neuropeptide is released into your system which changes the function of your biology.

Tip For a Healthy Mind

As a nutrition and wellness consultant, I'm often asked, "if I could do just one thing to improve my health, what would you suggest?" I strongly advocate that the balance of a healthy mind, body, and spirit is what is needed to achieve overall wellness in you life. While helpful, concentrating on just one of these would not be adequate.

So, this week I'm going to roll out the number one thing I suggest to improve the wellness for each of these: the mind, the body, and the spirit. First up is the mind.

Our brains - in so much more control of our wellness than many of us realize. I would argue that what we say to ourselves everyday is crucial to our wellness. Ask yourself this: what are the words that are playing in my brain every minute of everyday? Are they negative? Are they complaints? Are they criticisms? Do I expect the worst in any particular situation? Do I put myself down? Many people think so unconsciously that they don't ever realize that we have constant thought playing in the background of our lives. Just paying attention to those thoughts can give you much insight into your brain's state of wellness.

How to Have a Mind, Body and Soul Balance

Balancing the mind, body and soul is the best approach to health and wellness. Being physically and mentally fit is essential to keep the person feel good about himself. Staying healthy is essential because it is a way of enjoying life, without worrying about illnesses, stress, and pressure. It is simple to have a body, mind and soul balance. There are many ways to utilize in order to have a balanced mind, body and soul.

There are several factors why most of us are always stressed, pressured and unhealthy. The primary reason of this is our lifestyle. Although sometimes, we could not really get away from the unhealthy lifestyle because there are so many things that make us unhealthy, and one of this is imbalanced diet. Stress is also another factor which is always present in our everyday lives. Now the best solution to overcome these negative factors is to have a body, mind, and soul balance.

Easy Spring Cleansing for the Mind, Body and Soul

We love our "stuff". We tend to hold onto it year after year. We save and stock up on things that we don't know what to do with anymore, creating needless clutter in our lives and homes. We my keep things because they hold precious memories of days gone by, or they remind us of our parents, grandparents, past loves or childhood. To part with these precious possessions makes us feel like we are dismissing the past, the memories, as though they are not important. But we do not need their physical presence in our current lives.

There is a saying that goes, "You have to get rid of the old to make way for the new." And if you think about it, it is true. Especially in our personal relationships. We must have a clear path for new good things to arrive. If you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your life, try spring-cleaning; in your home, mind and body. Throw out some of that stuff, say goodbye to your past and welcome the new energy of your happy, healthy future. Try these three ideas:

For good mental and physical health, we actually have two "houses" that need to be spring-cleaned: our physical homes and our physical bodies. Just as we accumulate "stuff" in the form of outgrown clothes, magazines, rusty bicycles, tools and random keepsakes, so do our bodies accumulate old food residues and toxins that need to be cleaned out. Particularly in the spring season.

Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body

Health is wealth. Of course, that's another common saying that holds some truth to it. The way you take care of your body will determine the quality of life that you will have. No matter how rich you are, if you're sick and dying, your wealth will just be useless. But, if you're healthy and full of energy even if you are poor, you'd be able to live life to the fullest with much vibrancy.

A regular exercise can sometimes become a tough task especially for those with a busy lifestyle. However, the rewards you reap from giving your body enough exercise is worth the time and sweat you put in. One way to get started with a regular exercise is to start with the easy ones. Walking and jogging are good forms of exercise to start with since they are not strenuous and stressful. This warms up your body and can enhance your cardiovascular system. Once you get the hang of it, you can go a step further by doing some exercise routines like jumping jacks and sit ups. This is a good way to prepare your body for a more extensive workout. Of course, exercising also requires enough energy in order to come up with a more strenuous activity.

When you're already prepared, you can choose to advance to a more extensive workout by using some fitness equipment. There are a lot of fitness machines available in the market that you can choose from. You can opt to buy treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, stationary bikes and among others. Just remember to choose the one that suits you best. Fitness machines are great tools to help strengthen your body. This is a great way to achieve optimum physical fitness for you to have a better life.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Most people do not realise that having a healthy body starts in the mind. For example, someone that claims to have a poor memory will be experiencing the result of a neural malfunction. However, it is not irreversible and we should all strive to stimulate the growth of new neurons by exercising the ones we have already.This ultimately stops the existing neurons from dying and keeps us healthy and bright. There are ways to do this that can be fun such as brain training games that have now become a global phenomenon and other ones you can create yourself. Brainteasers, crosswords and quizzes are all ways for people to enjoy keeping the mind alive and functioning at an optimal level.

Other ways in which to keep healthy are improving your diet and exercising.This seems like a common belief in the field of health but is not taken as seriously as it should be. The food you eat is essentially the main source of fuel to the brain and body and so if you put less nutritious food into it, you will get a person that is not functioning at their highest capability. Regarding exercise, it is proven that even simple jogging can reduce diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and is known to decrease stress levels as it releases endorphins and increases blood circulation.

Natural Skin Care With Healthy Mind Body and Soul

You felt frustrated many times for your skin. Sometimes you also feel irritated and annoyed from helpless result of using many useless skin care body lotion from the market.

Skin gets affected due to our negligence for our skin. Honestly, countable human beings are aware about their skin. We should take care of our skin as its is key to healthy mind body and soul.

In the ancient time, people got effective outcome from nature touch. There found many natural skin care recipes. Though there are many skin care product available in the market yet people are scared about those products as most products produces side effects.

It has become a trend of cosmetic companies to use chemical ingredients in their manufactured products that may lead to inflammation, irritation, blemishes and dryness. On the contrary, natural beauty skin care is very easy to make and have a rare chance to affect your skin.

Yoga For a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

Yoga has many benefits that have been proven over the years. There are people from all around the globe who practice yoga as a way to keep their mind, body, and spirit in a healthy state and would clearly recommend the practice to anyone looking into the benefits of what yoga can do for them.

If you begin to practice yoga daily, its benefits can be seen from the very beginning. It is used as a form of meditation and has great benefits. The time of day is not important when you practice yoga, but you should probably do it at the same time each day. The benefits of yoga are not only mental; you can get great physical benefits as well. The inner peace you will feel while practicing yoga is not compared to any other exercise or meditation program.

* Yoga promotes flexibility.

You will not only find that you are becoming stronger, you will find that practicing yoga givess you more flexibility and doing the day to day chores will become easier. You will not only find it easier to do you day to day chores, but that you are able to develop better resistance against illness and fight off illness quicker.

* Yoga relaxes the mind.

When doing yoga, you can control of your thoughts and actually practice focus techniques that will allow you to gain inner peace. Yoga allows you to relax and refocus, regaining vital mental stamina that you require on a daily basis.

How to Achieve a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

Your physical body shouldn't be the only thing you'd want to keep healthy. If you want to be a truly fit person, then you should address all three aspects of your being-your mind, body and soul. This may sound like a complicated task, but in truth, holistic health is anything but complicated. Moreover, there are many ways for you to achieve it. Below are five of these techniques. Incorporate them into your daily life, and you'll definitely see positive results in due time.

* Eat healthy.
There are many great foods out there that can address your mind, body and soul all at the same time. Fruits and vegetables, for one, have been mainstays for holistic health practitioners since time immemorial. Other foods you can try are nuts and grains, as well as fish. Avoid taking fatty meats, or foods injected with too much sugar or salt. The cleaner your food tastes, the cleaner every aspect of yourself will be.

* Exercise.
It may seem like a merely physical process, but in truth, exercise can benefit your mind, body and soul in ways you can't even imagine. Try going for a jog around your neighborhood, or taking up a dance or yoga class. Not only will your body feel great, but you will also end up feeling happy and content. All holistic health methods require some form of exercise, so sign up for a gym membership or running group as soon as you can.

Achieving a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

Everyone experiences stress most of the time because there are so many triggering factors in our environment nowadays. The best solution to achieve a healthy body, mind and soul is by properly balancing them. When they are balanced, you are way to good health and wellness. A person that is always stressed affects its mood, outlook in life and performance. Living a healthy lifestyle means a stress free life, less worries and pressure. Body, mind and soul balance is simple to do. There are different ways to apply.

The way of living is the primary reason why most people get stressed most of the time. When a person is always worrying because of so much emotional issues, it could lead to certain illness. Having an illness is never healthy because it affects the body system. It may even lead to cancer. Eating of unhealthy food is another reason why a lot of illnesses occur. The effective way to overcome negative factors and elements, one way to fight them is to have a mind, body and soul balance.

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Self Care For Balanced Wellbeing - Mind, Body and Soul

Most of us have said it to ourselves at one point or another: "I have to take better care of myself." Unfortunately our commitment usually comes on the heels of illness, fatigue, or worse, some life altering event. We understand the importance of self care and yet we repeatedly put ourselves on the back burner. Interestingly enough, even people who are not motivated to take better care of themselves, find greater motivation once they begin. The key to getting started is just getting started. Once you begin, it's like your whole system follows. Our organism is geared toward maintaining balance.

Taking care of ourselves involves a lot more than taking our vitamins and hitting the gym. Our bodies are just one aspect of our total wellbeing. A balanced self care routine, involves the mind, body and soul. Often our emotional and mental wellbeing can have a significant impact on our physical wellbeing. Some of us take great care of our bodies, but pay little attention to our feelings, our stress level, or the negative self talk we engage in daily; all just as dangerous as the toxins found in our food and environment. Some of us, (raising my hand sheepishly) take great care of our mental and emotional wellbeing, reading books, listening to inspiring audios, attending seminars, meditating, being with and expressing our emotions in healthy ways but pay little attention to our bodies' signals and pleas for help.

As a life and spiritual coach and woman on her own journey, I am constantly looking for ways to create more balance in my own life and the lives of my clients. The following are what I consider essential parts of a balanced self care routine.

Easy Ways to Maintain a Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

Memory lapses are a natural part of growing old. As we get along in years, we will find it harder and harder to recall names of people that we once knew so well, and we will often have a difficult time finding things that we use all the time. This kind of memory loss is quite normal, but that doesn't mean we just have to watch it happen. There are several things we can do in order to prolong having a healthy body and a healthy mind for many more years. The deterioration of our memory is a direct result of the reduction of neurons in our brain. In order to prevent or at least postpone the loss of memory, we have to find ways to maintain a good level of active neurons in our brain.

A very easy way of doing this is to constantly exercise our minds. What usually happens with people is that after retirement, we are no longer required to think on our toes as we were while working. Just like our bodies, the mind becomes weak when not exercised constantly. For this reason, you should always find ways to stimulate your mind and keep your memory and cognitive skills up to par. Other ways to maintain a healthy mind include getting adequate rest, eating a balanced diet, doing regular physical activities and avoiding very stressful situations.

When it comes to exercising the mind, there are several ways of doing this that are fun and entertaining as well. For instance, you can take up the hobby of answering crossword puzzles or other cryptic exercises. One of the many perks of retirement is having a lot of time on your hands. Use this time wisely by reading as much as you can. Not only will this entertain you without end, but it will also keep your mind as sharp as it had been twenty or thirty years ago.

The Mind, Body and Soul Connection to Feng Shui

In my previous article, "Making Decisions and Taking Actions with Feng Shui During Uncertain Times", I explained how the lesser known temporal aspect of feng shui is a powerful element in helping people make decisions to obtain their desires. Coupled with the more familiar practice of physical feng shui - the movements of energies from and around objects and structures and the directional energies - temporal feng shui can be a truly powerful secret tool to maximize the positive results you want from your decisions and actions. As I mentioned in that article, to maximize these positive results from the temporal and physical practices of feng shui, a person must act with good intentions and do good deeds. The cosmic energies are most helpful to those who live a productive, useful and helpful life - both to ourselves and to others.

Living a useful, productive and helpful life can mean different things to different people. If it is based on a moral compass that espouses charity, generosity, no harm to others, and no harm to oneself, then it is most likely the correct way of living. However, there is more to correct living than these moral compass points, although they are by no means unimportant.

Just as feng shui is based on natural forces of cosmic energies that have their own logic, flow and progressions, so do peoples' existence on this world. For us, the natural energies, whether positive or negative, flow in a circle from the mind, to the body, to the soul, and back to the mind. That is, the mind controls and feeds the body, the body feeds the soul, and the soul then feeds the mind. If the mind, body and soul are in harmony and balance, then there are sustained positive energy and happiness.

Tips For a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body

There are many different ways to keep healthy and fit, no matter what age you are. With so many concerns today about health, it is important to start as soon as possible, and the only way your children are going to have healthy habits is for you to set a good example. Here are just some of the many tips for maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind.

A good diet is important. This doesn't mean you have to diet, it means cutting down on fatty processed foods. It means eating in moderation, and eating a balance of meat, fruit and vegetables, as well as whole grains. It means ready nutrition labels, and staying away from preservatives, and saturated fats. It mean that if you have to have snacks, that they are healthy snacks.

Getting into a regular exercise routine is also important to proper health. Getting exercise doesn't have to mean going to a gym, it means getting out every day, riding a bike, walking around, playing sports with your kids. Even simple things like playing Frisbee, or throwing a ball around gets your heart pumping, and moving around. Take the kids to the park every day, or every other day, it doesn't have to be all day, an hour or so of good cardiovascular activities a day are enough.

Spend more money on groceries that are good for you instead of going out for fast food. Pack a lunch for work instead of grabbing fast food. Not only will it save you money, but save your heart as well. Eat in moderation. Stop smoking, drink less caffeinated beverages, as well as cut down on alcohol consumption. A couple of beers have be proven to have health benefits, but that's all.

Stress Management - Using Mind Body Techniques

Using the power of the mind to affect bodily symptoms (illness) is the underlying premise of mind-body medicine. Managing stress is a primary concern for therapists and all health care professionals, and has been found to be a viable means of improving health. The physical and emotional damage that stress causes has been written about voluminously and researched extensively over the last few decades. Yet, stress remains a killer! Your quality of life is in jeopardy, if you do not heed the mind-body findings.

The mind-body connection is explained in Dr.Claire Wheeler's recent blog in "Psychology Today." Even before the last century, Socrates led us in the quest to find happiness, and he progressed to link happiness to a "life well-lived," essential understandings to maximize quality of life.

The overall picture is to control damaging emotional symptoms and behaviors by applying techniques that encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle. The basic premise is that changing your lifestyle, learning to respond, (rather than allowing a gut level reaction to take over), and living your values will enhance your stress management skills, thereby lessening the health ravages of stress running wild.

Caring for Your Mind, Body and Soul

A holistic approach to health involves caring for your mind, body and soul. No longer is it just about physical fitness; it has to be the entire package deal! It only makes sense to care for every single important faculty of your being, because face it, how can you be truly healthy if you're a psychological and emotional wreck underneath that perfect size six body?

Here are five great tips to get you started on the road to holistic self development and satisfaction.

Eat healthy. Self development starts with a healthy constitution and that means following a well balanced diet. Nourish your mind, body and soul with foods sourced from natural, chemical-free ingredients such as organic greens, hormone-free dairy products and whole grains. The vitamins and minerals you derive from such foods keep your bodily functions in balance, make you less prone to illnesses such as the common cold, help stave off depression and give you that overall glow that no cosmetic product can ever match. Eat right, eat well and eat in moderation.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals. If you're still using very strong chemicals for, let's say, your house cleaning products, trash them now! Not only do they harm the environment, but they also expose you to substances that can wreak havoc on your health. If you've ever cleaned your bathroom using industrial-strength bleach, then you know how the scent alone can make you dizzy and leave you irritable afterwards. Its unseen effects, on the other hand, are what it can do to your lungs; bleach fumes can burn your lungs and leave permanent scars in you. Get rid of all harmful substances from your cupboard and stick to natural sources to protect your mind, body and soul.

Activities For Senior Citizens - How Hobbies and the Mind Body Connection Work

Hobbies have a mind body connection, they are important activities for senior citizens and are an important part of healthy aging. Active seniors are proof that you can enjoy better health and have fun doing it.

Research studies have shown that leisure time and physical activity promote a healthier lifestyle. Our bodies are meant to be active and move. Many, as they age, tend to become increasingly inactive, preferring to watch TV to help pass the time away. Finding fun activities for senior citizens can change that.

Active seniors are involved and participate in what life has to offer. Hobbies give an individual a reason to get out and share with others. Whether it is painting, building model airplanes or playing cards the benefits of a hobby can be an increase your chances for improved physical, social and emotional well being.

It is important to have regular leisure time physical activity. Anything that promotes moving and being active will benefit you as you age. The health benefits of staying active are a delay or prevention of a chronic disease such as: heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and arthritis. Physical activity also promotes brain fitness. This can help delay or prevent dementia or Alzheimer's.

Participating in a variety of hobbies helps many cope with the stressors of life. How you react and respond to different situations in life affects your health. Stress and anxiety can lead to poor health. Active seniors are involved and lead a more balanced life.

ody Methods to Decrease Pain and Increase Healing of the Body

This article provides the nuts and bolts of a solid mind-body healing routine to incorporate to stay connected and decrease pain.

A side note on learning new stuff- adding new routines and actions to your life is building skills. The great news about building skills is that we can do it until the day we die (YAY!). The part that is important to recognize and keep in mind is that it feels awkward and hard when we first learn anything new. If we can keep that in mind, we can stay curious and open to our experience of learning, as well as be kind to ourselves while we move through the part that feels all weird and contrived. After a while, it feels like second nature. That is the beauty of our brains.

The very first thing I do in the morning is 5 minutes of stretching and deep breathing in bed. I do a quick scan of my body, and do some deep breathing into any parts of my body that feel sore or not so good and offer those parts of my body some appreciation and love. Sometimes, I "sense" clear messages from those parts of my body, sometimes not. I then do a few stretches. This practice is a quick way for me to connect with my body, first thing. It sets the tone for my day. If I don't make this happen, it can often lead to a day gone awry.

Next up is a mind dump for 5 - 10 minutes. I spend time writing, free-form, whatever comes up in my head. The writing it down part is critical for me to catch the ongoing stories that I tell myself about who I am and the world I live in - often I find that the stories are connected in some way to the pain in my body (in fact, a lot of times the pain I may be feeling in my body will dissipate dramatically during my mind dump). It's the negative thoughts and beliefs I'm concerned with - the stories with lots of "can't", "should" and "have to's" thrown in. This gives me lots of fodder for changing my stories through The Work.

A Healthy Body, A Healthy Mind

There are many facts in life that leads to the well being of a person. Some can not be touched, molded, or changed in any ways. These are things that are beyond the capabilities of man. But there are others that can be controlled, things that can be manipulated according to your wants. These are precisely the elements that can make your lives worth everything. Good health is a necessity. The human body is complex and extremely fragile. It needs to be properly looked after. What are all the luxuries of life worth if you can not enjoy it to the fullest?

A healthy body often reflects upon a healthy mind. As the world becomes smarter and faster, it becomes even more important to pay more attention to your health. The fast food culture, obesity, improper diet, lack of exercise for your body, lack of nutrition is very slowly but steadily eating away the normal usual life span of an individual. As humanity becomes more and more dependent on 'junk' food, issues such as good health and nutrition takes a back seat. So it is of utmost importance and urgency that you give your body its deserved attention. Herein comes the role of a proper diet with meals high in nutrition. A proper diet should be implemented as soon as possible. Vegetables, fruits, dairy products along with proteins should make the most of your meals. Substances of high fat value like chocolates and sweets should be taken in the most minimal of quantities. A proper diet is very important in the well being of a human body. Meals high in nutrition should also be highlighted to provide the best results.

There are many factors that build up a healthy body. Among the many that exist there is the fitness factor. No matter where you are and no matter what diet you follow, fitness is also of importance of the highest kind. A proper diet, nutrition, and a high fitness factor is essential in keeping diseases at bay and more importantly it reflects on your personality and the mental state you are in. Obesity is another word that is ruling the planet now. Weight loss is of urgent need as more and more people are plagued by overweight and predicaments of such sorts. Exercise is the highlight of the day as more and more people become aware of the importance of a trained body and are more than willing to hit the gym or enroll in on yoga sessions. A steady nutritious diet, along with proper fitness regime and weight loss is slowly coming under the spot light as people are more willing to sacrifice for the need of a healthier body and mind. Obesity is being checked every day and it is about time you join the revolutionary road to a better life.