Caring for Your Mind, Body and Soul

A holistic approach to health involves caring for your mind, body and soul. No longer is it just about physical fitness; it has to be the entire package deal! It only makes sense to care for every single important faculty of your being, because face it, how can you be truly healthy if you're a psychological and emotional wreck underneath that perfect size six body?

Here are five great tips to get you started on the road to holistic self development and satisfaction.

Eat healthy. Self development starts with a healthy constitution and that means following a well balanced diet. Nourish your mind, body and soul with foods sourced from natural, chemical-free ingredients such as organic greens, hormone-free dairy products and whole grains. The vitamins and minerals you derive from such foods keep your bodily functions in balance, make you less prone to illnesses such as the common cold, help stave off depression and give you that overall glow that no cosmetic product can ever match. Eat right, eat well and eat in moderation.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals. If you're still using very strong chemicals for, let's say, your house cleaning products, trash them now! Not only do they harm the environment, but they also expose you to substances that can wreak havoc on your health. If you've ever cleaned your bathroom using industrial-strength bleach, then you know how the scent alone can make you dizzy and leave you irritable afterwards. Its unseen effects, on the other hand, are what it can do to your lungs; bleach fumes can burn your lungs and leave permanent scars in you. Get rid of all harmful substances from your cupboard and stick to natural sources to protect your mind, body and soul.

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