The Mind, Body and Soul Connection to Feng Shui

In my previous article, "Making Decisions and Taking Actions with Feng Shui During Uncertain Times", I explained how the lesser known temporal aspect of feng shui is a powerful element in helping people make decisions to obtain their desires. Coupled with the more familiar practice of physical feng shui - the movements of energies from and around objects and structures and the directional energies - temporal feng shui can be a truly powerful secret tool to maximize the positive results you want from your decisions and actions. As I mentioned in that article, to maximize these positive results from the temporal and physical practices of feng shui, a person must act with good intentions and do good deeds. The cosmic energies are most helpful to those who live a productive, useful and helpful life - both to ourselves and to others.

Living a useful, productive and helpful life can mean different things to different people. If it is based on a moral compass that espouses charity, generosity, no harm to others, and no harm to oneself, then it is most likely the correct way of living. However, there is more to correct living than these moral compass points, although they are by no means unimportant.

Just as feng shui is based on natural forces of cosmic energies that have their own logic, flow and progressions, so do peoples' existence on this world. For us, the natural energies, whether positive or negative, flow in a circle from the mind, to the body, to the soul, and back to the mind. That is, the mind controls and feeds the body, the body feeds the soul, and the soul then feeds the mind. If the mind, body and soul are in harmony and balance, then there are sustained positive energy and happiness.