Healthy Body, Healthy Mind For Elevated Effectiveness

For years, I have been sharing with my clients that what you think affects how you feel and what takes place in your body. Recently one of my clients remarked I was more like a therapist than a business coach or health provider. She is a prime example of this and how it can slow or even stall your business success indefinitely. A healthy body brings out the healthy mind and together you'll have a strong foundation for life success. As part of Elevated Effectiveness, our first module is about this very topic.

After all, isn't your business success about how well you are able to live? Having a great business that brings in hundreds of thousands or even millions is only worth it if you love the life you are living. How to start having a healthy body healthy mind

Elevated Effectiveness starts us off right. It's not just a time management method. An elevated method produces effective entrepreneurs and small businesses. By elevated, I speak of taking your core strengths and doing something more with them than the average person does with their potential. Effective because when you apply them in your life you become more effective at all the things you do.

Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is one of the most difficult - and one of the most rewarding - adventures you can embark on. Here are some tips that have helped me.

Talk to a doctor. It seems every diet gives this advice at the beginning. This time, instead of thinking of this advice as a mere disclaimer, see your doctor and find out what her thoughts are regarding your weight loss. Do you really need to lose weight? If so, how much? What would be the health benefits of doing so? Your doctor may be able to provide valuable advice and tips on following a weight loss program that are specific to your needs and lifestyle. Plus, there is a measure of accountability there as well. You'll want to have progressed in your goals before your next appointment.

Think yourself thin. One of the most helpful things for me when I was losing weight was to imagine the way my body would look when I had reached my goal weight. I looked at a model in a catalog that looked the way I wanted to and I imagined that this was my body. When the going got tough, it really helped me to come back to that image. Make a collage of images and quotes that will prove inspirational to you on your weight loss journey.

Get past the notion that food that is healthy tastes bad. Admittedly, I'm not a big proponent of rice cakes or diet soda. Instead, eat delicious, healthy and real foods in moderate amounts. Fresh fruits and vegetables, grilled lean meats, and lean dairy products are delicious. If you get a craving for a cookie, eat one. (Just one.) And then distract yourself by doing something else. Make a phone call, walk around the block, sip some water with fresh lemon wedges, or read a chapter of an absorbing novel.

Mind, Body and Soul - The Health Benefits of Yoga

Being fit is everybody have goals for the year 2010. Today, we are being presented by so many things that keep us unhealthy and one of this is unbalanced diet. We all know that having a balanced diet is very difficult because we are often served with good food but did you know that being healthy doesn't only start on the food we eat rather it also depends with our lifestyle? When we are becoming conscious about how we move and balance our daily routines, we can eventually have a life free from all the stress beset before us.

Yoga has become popular over the years. Although Yoga originally started thousands of years ago, it is only during this decade that that almost everyone became conscious about it. Yoga is said to relax the mind, body and soul. Also, a lot of people are claiming the good benefits that they have been experiencing since the beginning of their sessions. They say that the different force of nature that is incorporated to it gives them the unique feeling of being relaxed. When you talk about nature, it balances everything.

Yoga actually transforms the well-being of a person wherein it takes the person to a whole new different level. It will take away the stress and all the negative forces that are present. The entire process of Yoga will take you to an imaginary place wherein all you will hear is the sound of seas, forest as well as the mountain breeze. It's so relaxing and refreshing. In every session of Yoga, almost everything done is the actually the same, there's asanas or yoga poses, pranayama or known as the breathing exercise, chanting and meditation. All these things are said to have a healthy effect on the person's well-being.

Equilibrium of Mind-Body

Atoms in the tissues are continuously impelled to take part in the reactions (within the body) organized and pre-organized in mind which (consequently) change the composition of tissues and their 'distribution and arrangement' to maintain the (mind-body) equilibrium. It is a reversible process, i.e, the structure of mind is changed accordingly when the structure of body is changed by the atoms/molecules taken in the form of food that initiates the reactions in the body according to their chemical structure. It is a long term gradual process where the changes occur at (insignificant) minute levels that are usually not noticed.

Other cases are seen in the incidents where the (physical) body is disadvantaged which is normally reported in the severe cases of accidents where the structure of mind is remarkably changed and can easily be seen (excluding exceptional cases) with their expressions and emotional behavior. However, this is more or less a derived adaptation where the proportional change is seen only in the cases of animals and is never seen in humans because of the (conscious) memory [animals keep memory in unconscious mind which is effective only in the similar situations] and relative responses; and always depends on self-adaptability.

Numerous 'short-lived' thoughts and emotions emerge without affecting notably the gross (physical) body. The changes are reported at the level of chemistry where the release of hormones, enzymes produce effect temporarily during the active emotional period but the significant effect (normally) does not reach up to the eminent soft tissue changes which is marked only in the cases of consciously and permanently pursued thought(s) or emotion(s) leading to the long term gradual and continuous modification of the tissues to change significantly and effectively in proportion to the change in structure of mind to maintain mind-body equilibrium.

The Mind, Body and Spirit Approach to Lasting Weight Loss

"Every New Year I start a new diet. What suggestions do you have for helping me stick to the diet this year?" Despite our best intentions, many of us never make it past January with our declarations. Here's the pattern: initial excitement, great expectations, and grandiose promises to get in shape, followed by procrastination, guilt, and disappointment. If you are one of the people who set the same goal every year, this time it is your turn to succeed! Follow these tips to help you set yourself up for positive outcomes and make your weight loss dreams a reality.

True change is never effortless! There is no secret formula, and no instant weight-dissolving pill. There may be people out there who promise these things but I have yet to see one that lasts for the long-term. Of course, there is liposuction and various gastric surgery processes, but even then you still have to adjust your lifestyle to maintain your results. Weight loss is a process that you learn. You make mistakes and you learn from those mistakes. In the process, you learn to believe in yourself, you gain confidence, and you decide to give yourself success. The key is this - the process you go through is even more important then the end goal itself. Because who you become in the process is your most important reward.

Many weight loss declarations are made out of frustration and in response to a negative pattern or habit that you want to change or end. Examples include, "I don't want to be fat" or "I don't want to be thinking about food all the time." However, it is difficult to develop momentum from a negative desire. Successful goals need drive and passion! Define what you want in positive terms and allow yourself a positive attitude to keep your motivation powerful for the long haul.