Stress Management - Using Mind Body Techniques

Using the power of the mind to affect bodily symptoms (illness) is the underlying premise of mind-body medicine. Managing stress is a primary concern for therapists and all health care professionals, and has been found to be a viable means of improving health. The physical and emotional damage that stress causes has been written about voluminously and researched extensively over the last few decades. Yet, stress remains a killer! Your quality of life is in jeopardy, if you do not heed the mind-body findings.

The mind-body connection is explained in Dr.Claire Wheeler's recent blog in "Psychology Today." Even before the last century, Socrates led us in the quest to find happiness, and he progressed to link happiness to a "life well-lived," essential understandings to maximize quality of life.

The overall picture is to control damaging emotional symptoms and behaviors by applying techniques that encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle. The basic premise is that changing your lifestyle, learning to respond, (rather than allowing a gut level reaction to take over), and living your values will enhance your stress management skills, thereby lessening the health ravages of stress running wild.