More Pleasure Or More Suffering - The Choice is Yours

At a gut level everyone knows how many nuggets of ill feeling emotions are carried about. For some there is a truckload of people places and things for which they project a 'negative' emotion. We know that energy is what we are feeling, be it wild and furious anger or a passionate, pleasurable state of joy. When people stop to look they understand that feelings and emotions are distinct from the labels or conceptual words and descriptions we assign to them. You can easily alter the conceptual story of your life when you see it is in your interest to do so.

In 1976 I had the opportunity to participate in the est training, that brilliant package Werner Erhard provided to look at the mechanism behind the stage of the life we were living. What I experienced was quite exiting but I want to mention something I saw occur on more than one occasion. I saw a man in his seventies who I thought was curved forward and about five feet tall. His demeanor was one of hardened apathy. He did not smile. During his observation in the training he recognized that he had tightly locked away in his body, anger, resentment and hate for people, not specific people, just people in general who he thought was the reason for the loss of his first love 50 years earlier.

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