Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Most people do not realise that having a healthy body starts in the mind. For example, someone that claims to have a poor memory will be experiencing the result of a neural malfunction. However, it is not irreversible and we should all strive to stimulate the growth of new neurons by exercising the ones we have already.This ultimately stops the existing neurons from dying and keeps us healthy and bright. There are ways to do this that can be fun such as brain training games that have now become a global phenomenon and other ones you can create yourself. Brainteasers, crosswords and quizzes are all ways for people to enjoy keeping the mind alive and functioning at an optimal level.

Other ways in which to keep healthy are improving your diet and exercising.This seems like a common belief in the field of health but is not taken as seriously as it should be. The food you eat is essentially the main source of fuel to the brain and body and so if you put less nutritious food into it, you will get a person that is not functioning at their highest capability. Regarding exercise, it is proven that even simple jogging can reduce diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and is known to decrease stress levels as it releases endorphins and increases blood circulation.

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